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Family History Research

You can hire Julie for any of the services below.  Request a free consultation to begin the process or contact Julie using the 'contact' link above. 

Basic Family Tree Package

Pricing starts at $100 and is billed at $10 an hour after the first 10 hours.

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Building upon family tree already started or buiding your tree from scratch.

  • Creation of tree in digital format on (can be shared with others)

  • Assembly of source documents, such as census records, birth and death records, marriage certificates and land records.


Deluxe Family Tree Package

Pricing starts at $150 and is billed at $15 an hour after the first 10 hours.

Includes everything in basic package but also includes:

  • Story line for ancestors using newspaper records, family histories, book publications and other sources. 

  • Land records and mapping of family migration.

  • Compilation and organization of photographs with ancestors information.

Family Reasearch A La Carte

Pricing starts at $20 an hour for specific family research. This can be, but is not limited to:

Creation of custom family tree (file given that can be printed.)

Research of a single individual.

Interviews with surviving family members. 

Immigration records for single family unit.

Story building for an individual.

Photo identification. 

DNA Analysis Package

Pricing is $30 an hour. 

Includes, but not limited to:

  •  Organizing your DNA matches by family line

  • Comparing DNA to known family tree and verifying family lines

  • Using DNA results to break through brick walls in research, solve family mysteries or expand family tree


Add on to any Family History Research Service:

*information provided by client or obtained through services above.

- Printed 18 x 22 Poster of Family Tree

for presentation use at a family gathering or reunion.  Cost:  $100

- Framed Family Tree 16x20 or 18x22

4 - 6 generations depending on design

Cost:  $150 - $175

- Family History Album

 including family tree, background information, pictures, important documents, newspaper clippings and noteworthy facts.

Cost:  Varies. Contact Julie for more information.

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