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Finding Jersey, Part 6

This post is part of a series. To start from the beginning, go here.

In researching Shirley Buhl, nicknamed 'Jersey', I also wanted to know more about her parents, Oscar and Clara Buhl.

Here is Clara Buhl with her daughters, Marilyn and Shirley Buhl.

Picture courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.

Clara was born in 1907 to Theodore and Julia Betzler. She married Oscar Buhl in 1931.

The Independent Press newspaper from Bloomfield, New Jersey, revealed that Shirley and her mother Clara enjoyed art. Shirley submitted wood carvings of cats and leaves and Clara submitted sketches to an art exhibit.

The following news clipping reveals Clara and Shirley's work for another exhibit for the Bloomfield Adult Art School.

Bloomfield Independent Press, January 13, 1966, p24. Accessed at

Clara, Shirley's mother, died on October 4, 1981.

Her father was Oscar Buhl. Born in 1902, he was the son of Jacob Buhl and Ida Lambrecht.

Oscar Buhl, passed away in 1992 at the age of 90.

Bloomfield Life News, Thursday April 20, 1992 p6, accessed at

Picture courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.

From what I read, I believe that Oscar Buhl was a good man. These articles are from a heroic rescue that resulted in an Army commendation.

Syracuse American Journal, July 29, 1928 p3, accessed at

Standard Union, Brooklyn NY, July 28, 1928, front pg, accessed at

Learning about the Buhl family has revealed inspirational tales of heroism, tragedy and loss. In the next post, I'll reveal what happened to Marilyn. And there is still more to learn about our little "Jersey", Shirley Buhl, who outlived her parents and siblings.

Read my next post in this series, with revelations about Marilyn and Shirley here.

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Thank you for researching this. It's a real delight for me to finally learn about these people. I feel closer to them now!

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