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The Dresser

Growing up, I was often found playing at Amy's house on Providence Rd. in Scranton. We have been best friends since the age of 3. There is something about having people in your life that know your history.

Her house was big and red and sat on a hill. Nearby were other large homes. We played in her yard or rode bikes up the block. I often wondered about who used to live in those homes. Time passed. Amy and I are closer than ever, though we live far apart. I now live just outside of Scranton.

Not long ago, an antique dresser was given to me.

Because it's one of my favorite past times to research the history of things, when this dresser found its way into my home, I had to discover its story. I enjoyed finding all the connections and the realization that this new piece of furniture, in many ways, feels like an old friend.

Read about it here:

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