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The Glass Plate Negatives - part 2

If you are just joining me, be sure to read part 1, here.

The pictures were posted over several weeks. Developed from glass negatives, they were evidence of a bygone era and a time no living human being has known. A Facebook user named Paul Holbrook purchased the glass plate negatives from a seller in the Bronx, NY. As he published the photographs, more details began to emerge about the family who was in them.

This photo was of particular interest, due to the incredible detail. Everything from the clothing, jewelry, furnishings and decor caught my eye.

Notice the picture of the man hanging on the wall. Also, I am very curious about the triple hanging banners on the far right. What could their purpose be?

I was most interested in the people. Now having seen several images from this series, I was convinced that the woman on the left was the mother of this family. The young woman seen here may be a daughter or close relative. She has a pin at her collar of a man, (her husband?) and there is a possible wedding ring on her finger.

Another picture of the young woman was part of the collection. This may be my favorite. I was captivated by her beauty, and the elegant details of her attire.

Notice once again the cameo at her neck. When zoomed in you can see the image more clearly. Also, notice her watch pin. This is the same outfit that she is wearing in the image above, so it may have been taken on the same day.

A man is in the background just peeking around behind her. Is he the man in her cameo? Who is he to her?

So many questions... so many stories left to uncover. Don't miss a post in this series. Be sure to subscribe! Click on the subscribe button on my blog's main page.

I'm on the hunt to discover who they are. I hope you will join me on the journey!

What details do you notice in the images above that catch your eye?

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All pictures in this post are courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.


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