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The Glass Plate Negatives - part 6

This post is part of a series. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, you may want to go here to begin reading.

Because these images were purchased from a seller in the Bronx, NY, I have contacted the Bronx Historical Society and am waiting for a call back. I am hopeful that they will be able to point me in the direction of resources that will aid in my search. (so excited!!)

In the meantime lets take a tour of a bedroom.

Picture courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.

I was curious about the hanging wooden man in the picture. Was it some kind of toy? I have a couple of inquiries in to antique toy dealers to see if they can help me identify it. Do you know what it might be? If so, drop me a line!

It wasn't uncommon for young people to hang up pictures from magazines or to save calling cards, post cards, play bills etc. Here are some magazine covers from the late 1800's. Magazines like these may have been the sources for some of the pictures hanging on the bedroom walls.

Picture courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.

Wow, right?

The amount of clarity and the wonderful details is eye candy for anyone who loves history and vintage pictures. We could play 'I Spy' with these two pictures and have hours of fun!

I spy a vintage teapot warmer.

I spy a picture of our 25th president. (Extra points if you know his name!)

I spy cupid.

I spy a plaid curtain.

What do you spy? What clues can we uncover by looking closely at the furniture and walls of this room?

Do you see what I see in the mirror? A white cap and a dark head of hair! Is it one of the family members? Or a maid?

What do you think?

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