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The Thrill of Discovery!

I am so excited to announce new services I will be offering. I will continue to work as a freelance writer but am now offering my services as a historical researcher.

For businesses, townships, schools, or churches who have a landmark anniversary coming up I can research your organization's past, interview any living individuals who were key participants, compile newspaper clippings, create a time line, and prepare presentation materials for your anniversary event.

Church of the Good Shepherd, scanned postcard as published by Matthew Bernat on Wareham's The Week today.

Cresswell Drilling photograph, published on

Cresswell Drilling in Dalton Pennsylvania recently celebrated 150 years and is run by the fourth and fifth generations of the Cresswell family. Read my story about the Cresswell legacy here.

I enjoy researching any type of business, organization or place. To get pricing and more information contact me by clicking on the 'contact' option at the top of your screen.

I can also provide research services for writers or students who need historical background information on people, places, things and events.

One of my favorite things to research is genealogy. I have had the honor of researching not only my own family tree but my husband's, and the family history of several friends. I am excited to offer my family history services now for an introductory rate for a limited time!

Image used with permission. published by narsuine.

I can compile and create a family tree for you for your home, as a gift for a loved one, or produced as a mounted poster size presentation for your next family reunion.

A professionally printed book can also be created for you or your loved ones that will include your family's history, any interviews I am able to obtain with living ancestors, pictures of individuals in your family, a documented family tree, along with source documents and records of interest. This book would be a great Christmas gift for a loved one.

Think of me as your own private history detective!

Pricing will vary based on what product(s) you want and the research time involved. Contact me using the contact menu option for more information. If you hire me for any research service described in this post before August 31st 2019, you will receive 40% off as an introductory offer.

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