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Over a century ago, amateur photographer Floyd Ingraham took hundreds of images of a western Finger Lakes hamlet in New York. Ingraham’s lens captured the landscape, buildings, and people of Springwater, New York, and neighboring communities. This previously unpublished collection gives one photographer’s view of early-20th-century life in a small, rural community in the Finger Lakes. Ingraham’s photographs give context to the region’s historical narrative and have captured forever the time in which he lived, the people that he knew, and the place he dearly loved.


After Ingraham’s untimely death in 1920, he left behind boxes of his glass negatives. They were discovered in a shed in Springwater over five decades later. Those negatives found their way to Paul Holbrook, a photograph restorer, who removed a hundred years of dirt and damage to return the images to their original appearance. Many of the photographs have been researched and identified by Julie Jeffery Manwarren, a writer and historical researcher, who shares the stories and history behind the images.

Floyd Ingraham's Springwater: A Finger Lakes Hamlet

SKU: 9781467106894
  • ISBN: 9781467106894
    FORMAT: Paperback
    PUBLISHER: Arcadia Publishing
    DATE: 7/5/2021
    STATE: New York
    SERIES: Images of America
    IMAGES: 295
    PAGES: 160
    DIMENSIONS: 6.5 (w) x 9.25 (h)
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