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I love story.  

I love the thrill of discovery.

I love Jesus.

I love music, and chocolate, and traveling.  

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband of 29 years, Phil.  We have two amazing children who are in the process of leaving my nest. I intend to bribe them home with baked goods and unlimited hugs.  

I am a child of the 70's raised on a penny and a prayer in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  

My favorite place is anywhere I travel with my husband (especially if we are on a beach).


I am at home in old places, museums, and historical societies - or - anywhere my family is.

I am energized by doing genealogy research, uncovering historical records, learning extraordinary facts about ordinary people, studying the bible, teaching truths from God's Word, brainstorming and planning almost anything, and spending time with interesting and inspiring people. 


I love creating.

I am a recovering baker.  I was the owner of Frosted, a home bakery, for nine years. I had the privilege of making wedding and event cakes for customers in Northeast PA.  


Anytime I miss baking I just get out my Kitchenaid.  I love creating new recipes for cakes and desserts from scratch. 


I love food. However, I am a terrible cook.

I love decorating. I can decorate anything - a cake, a table, a room for an event or a Christmas tree.   

I love nature but my trail name is 'I. Can't. Even.'  After my third mosquito bite and the strange sound of a rodent in the bushes, I would be running back to the car.  

I have the best friends ever.  Women who are strong, beautiful and wise. Women who know and love me and pull the best out of me and allow me to see into their hearts.  

I love high heels and lipstick and am a proud, not-ashamed-to-claim-it, "Girly Girl".  

I talk.

A lot. 

I have trained myself to listen well and am a voracious note-taker.  I am an avid people watcher. 

I have an uncanny knack for finding interesting stories in ordinary places and seeing the potential in just about anything or anyone.  I also have high expectations, especially of myself.  

I tend to over-think things.  

And over-research things.  

I am usually predictable.  Unless, I am on vacation. Then, all bets are off.

Some days, I think I was born in the wrong era.  But, my husband reminds me that I like indoor plumbing.  

I am a messy-creative.  I usually have five piles, a dozen ideas, a lap top with a dozen tabs open and a hyper-active phone around me at all times.

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