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Research Services

Hire me to build your family tree, find a missing link, answer questions about a distant relative, or assemble documents to prove relationships or nationality. This is a great gift idea for family members.  See the 'add - ons' and get more information by clicking the link above.

I can uncover the history of your home and build a time line for the life of your house, discover the people who once lived there and the stories your home holds.  This service is available for northeast Pennsylvania residents only.  Click on the 'House History' link for more details. 

Hire me to help you research a historical place, person, thing or event. This is a great fit for writers who need background research done to finish their manuscript. I am also available to give research assistance to students working on a paper for school or needing more sources. This service is available for any type of historical research. Click on the link above for more information.


Is it the anniversary of your organization, school or church?  I can compile everything you need to know your history.

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