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The Glass Plate Negatives - Part 10

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The glass plate negatives revealed. I still can't believe we found them. Here are the pictures that started us on our journey along with some new images below. Meet, the Treadwell family of Bridgeport Connecticut and some of their friends:

Here is what I have discovered so far - first, I was wrong! And I never thought I would be so delighted to admit it, but the truth is so much more interesting than my imaginings.

The house in the first image is located in Bridgeport Connecticut, NOT the Bronx!

The boy and little girl are brother and sister, Gerrie and Laura Ione Treadwell. I love the way pictures reveal their close relationship. But I have recently discovered there are only two children in the family, not three.

The girl at the window is Leta, but I've discoverd she is not a daughter as I had assumed. I hope I can learn more about her.

The woman in the picture at the organ and holding the dumbell with a smirk on her face is confirmed to be 'Mama'. I have discovered her name is Laura Treadwell.

The baby in the carriage is most likely the little girl, Laura Ione, who the family called 'Ione'.

The photograph of the older woman on a porch is a Grandmother of the family. (I can't wait to find out who she is!)

One thing the seller mentioned to Paul H was that there were more glass plate negatives and another person purchased them at an auction. They were all part of the Treadwell family's pictures. Wouldn't it be great if we could track down those images too? I wonder if there are any descendants who might want these.


All pictures in this post are courtesy of Paul Holbrook. Used with permission.


Oh the rabbit trails I could take right now...

I am off to research more about the Treadwells. If I find anything else, I'll be sure to post it here on the blog! Be sure to sign up to receive alerts and updates via email when a new post goes up. Just click on 'subscribe' at the top of the blog home page.

Much more to come! Go here to read the next post in this series.

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I just want someone from the Treadwell family to confirm whether that was a shofar or a powder horn hanging above the organ in the photo included in Part 3!

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