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The Glass Plate Negatives - part 8

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GUYS. This case just got SO interesting!

Ok, so I did something your parents tell you NEVER to do. I called a strange man I met on the internet. But I am so glad I did!

I had messaged Paul Holbrook, the man who posted the pictures of the mystery family. I first knew of Paul through Facebook and enjoyed following him. Paul either purchases old negatives or they are given to him. He then posts these as he develops them. Paul Holbrook's collection is such a beautiful and interesting photographic record of American history. It was through one of Paul's posts that I saw the first in the plate glass negatives series I have been writing about. I messaged him privately and asked him if he knew anything else about the negatives I was interested in, besides that they were purchased on ebay from a seller in the Bronx. I had decided to start this blog and wanted Paul's permission to use his name and pictures. Eventually, I asked him if we could talk by phone. And we did!

Paul is retired and enjoys collecting old photographs as a hobby. He is attracted to pictures with interesting people or details about life long ago.

I found out there were more pictures that he had of this particular series, but didn't post them all on the Facebook group I was a part of. Some were a little disturbing, including images of a possible surgery. The pictures show wounds of a human and/or animal. Strange photographs to say the least, but it further led me to believe the father of this family was a doctor or veterinarian. I realize these images may be disturbing to some, so I won't post them here.

I was so glad to get in touch with Paul and find that he had more images to share! Each one gives us a glimpse into the life of our mystery family at the turn of the 20th century.

Another picture shared by Paul Holbrook - the teenage boy and his younger sister:

This picture, below, of an older woman may be a relative of our mystery family. I find myself studying the porch she is on. It is a similar style to the house that our mystery family lives in and the plants seem native to the Northeastern United States. I'm inclined to believe this woman lives close to our mystery family.

Look at the detail of the wall paper and the chair. So lovely.

The mother of this family is a hoot! She poses at an organ without any music, and here she is with a dumb bell! Love the look on her face.

I am determined now more than ever to identify this family.

Paul cautioned against assuming the family is from the Bronx. He had labeled the series 'The Bronx Glass Negatives' only because that is where the negatives came from. I agree that we can't be sure that they are from the Bronx, but probably from the northern United States, given architecture and plant life. Paul agreed to contact the seller from whom he purchased the set of glass negatives and we hoped she could give us more clues.

I was (not so patiently) standing by. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long!!

More to be revealed tomorrow!


All pictures in this post were shared by Paul Holbrook and used with permission.


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